A Brief Overview of WALS
WALS is a powerful, Web-based loyalty management system for the carwash industry. WALS was designed to process carwash transactions from PDQ's popular carwash entry stations, called ACCESS®. Below is a diagram describing the basic operation of the WALS system.
WALS Diagram
But, WALS goes far beyond just processing transactions. WALS features and benefits include:
  • Supports unlimited fleet accounts and unlimited consumer accounts under one loyalty club.
  • Supports loyalty card accounts, card-less accounts, and RFID tags. For card-less accounts, the club owner provides only a loyalty number/member number to the account owner.
  • For card-less accounts, the club owner can e-mail a "Wallet Card" to the account owner. No need to provide loyalty cards. And, if an account holder misplaces their "Wallet Card", just e-mail another "Wallet Card" to them.
  • Supports debit (prepaid), credit (post-pay), and subscription (limited or unlimited use) accounts.
  • Accounts can be setup as either a dollar/fund account or a car wash quantity account.
  • Replenish/recharge existing accounts.
  • All transactions are processed in real time and account balances are updated immediately.
  • Review account information such as current balance and account activity.
  • Full transaction audit trail - listing every carwash transaction and every balance adjustment.
  • Transaction reports can be created for any date range for all accounts - or reports can be created for a particular account, ACCESS® Entry Station, or account type.
  • Reports can be viewed, printed, and e-mailed.
  • Send an e-mail to a member after each time they receive a carwash, using a user-selectable e-mail template containing a simple thank you note, or transaction details.
  • Schedule e-mails to users with low balances or send e-mails to all members announcing a new promotion.
  • The WALS-integrated "Member Portal" is available as an add-on module which allows loyalty club members to maintain their own accounts via your own, branded and personalized club's website.

For more information about WALS or loyalty systems, call us at 1-800-227-3373.

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